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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work exactly?

You receive your orders / invoices / packing lists, etc. via email, and when they arrive, you generally open the email and print the order to be included in the shipping box, or the order on a receipt printer for a restaurant, or the packing list to the printer in the shipping department...
It is high time consuming, so Auto Print Order is here to print the documents for you when they are ready :).

Is it compatible with my email?

Yes, 'Auto Print Order' is compatible with all major email providers like:
Microsoft Office 365 - Microsoft Exchange
Gmail - Apple - Yahoo - Orange - Verizon - Lotus with imap
Any IMAP4 - Any POP3

What happens after 1 year?

If you purchased a 1 year license, you must renew it at the end of the period (it is not automatic) or it will stop processing your orders. If you purchased a perpetual license, it will not expire.

Is it compatible with my eCommerce platform?

Yes, it is compatible with all ecommerce platforms, because each online store sends you the orders from your customers. It can be in the body of email or as attachments (or both):
WooCommerce - Shopify - Magento - Prestashop - OpenCart - Squarespace - Wix - Amazon seller - eBay seller

Do I have to be logged into Windows?

No, it runs as a service in the background even when no user is logged into Windows.

Do you process data on Cloud or on an external server?

No, your data is processed entirely locally on the computer/server where it is stored.
We value our privacy in the same way that you do .

How to backup/restore or change the computer?

It is very simple, just manually copy the folder:
to a new computer in the same location and install the Auto Print Order demo version. More information can be found in this tutorial »

Do I need Outlook or an email reader software?

No, 'Auto Print Order' does not require any additional software and connects directly to your email box.

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