Too much time wasted on prescription printing?
Increase your pharmacy's productivity immediately!

  • Automated printing of prescriptions and other documents received via email.
  • Quick and easy settings.
  • Works with all mailboxes (Office 365 - Gmail - Exchange - Yahoo - Hotmail / Outlook - IMAP / POP - ...).
  • Local application is 100% secure. The data is processed and stored on your computer alone.

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Sam Pharmacy - New Zealand
So simple and quick to install, Auto Print Order has changed our daily process by saving us 1 hour with automaatic printing prescriptions. The app is a must-have and secure solution for any pharmacy.

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Set up Auto Print Order in 4 steps

1. Install the application

Download and install Auto Print Order on your Windows PC (laptop, station, server or tablet). You can try for free for 30 days, without providing a credit card or creating an account.

Add your email account

2. Add the emailbox

Add the email address that receives the prescriptions and/or orders to print.

3. Choose the actions

To print documents, select the printer. After printing, you can set the action to mark the email as read and move it to a folder.

Choose a printer and options
View all of the prescriptions you've received via email.

4. Start the application

Auto Print Order is now up and running. You don't have to do anything else: your orders and delivery slips are printed automatically.

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For Windows PC/Server/Tablet

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